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Lost season 5 episode guide: episode 5.4 "The Little Prince"


It looks like Ben is getting his back-to-the-island crew together fairly quickly. He finds Jack and the now-revived Sayid at the hospital. He and a reluctant Sayid go to the L.A. County lockup to free Hurley while Jack meets up with Kate, who is freaked by the attorneys who visited her saying that they knew she was lying about being Aaron's mother.


It turns out that those attorneys are actually working for Ben. Evidently, he was using that angle to try to get Kate and Aaron back to the island.


Meanwhile, Sun is making plans to kill Ben. She finds him, Jack and the rest at the Long Beach marina, but we won't know what happens until next week.


Back on the island, there are still time shifts aplenty. Daniel explains to Juliet that he thinks Charlotte's nosebleeds and seizure are due to these shifts. The ill effects of the shifts may be more pronounced on those who have spent the most time on the island. It's hinted that Charlotte was born there, which would explain why she's the worst off. But later Miles (interestingly) and Juliet also develop nosebleeds.

Daniel, Sawyer, Locke, Miles, Juliette and Charlotte experience a series of time changes. They are in the past one moment and Sawyer sees Kate and Claire, at the moment Claire is delivering Aaron. But then things change again. They go to the beach and find that the Oceanic survivors' camp has been destroyed. There are two outrigger canoes on the beach, perhaps belonging to whoever trashed the camp. There is a water bottle from Ajira Airways in one of the boats.

Locke and the rest take one of the boats to circle back around the island so they can get to the Orchid Station. Locke feels that the Orchid holds the key to fixing the time problems. He knows he needs to get off the island and bring back Jack, Kate and the rest.


While paddling the outrigger, the group comes under fire from people in the second canoe. Then time shifts and their attackers vanish. They paddle to the beach but aren't sure where, or when, they are.

The scene changes and we see another craft out at sea: A survival raft carrying some French folks. It's a young, pregnant Danielle Rosseau and her crew. As they also paddle to the island, they see a body on some rocks and pull it onto the raft. It's Jin and he's still alive. When he comes to he's naturally a bit startled to find himself meeting Danielle again for the first time--and this time she's about 20 years younger.




* Who are the outrigger people?

* What's up with the Ajira Airways water bottle? Did another plane crash on the island? There's an ABC-created Ajira Airways Web site here.

* Is Jin stuck back in time with Danielle, or will he eventually shift back to where he belongs?


* Will Sun shoot Ben? I kinda doubt it.

* How will Ben persuade the holdouts--pretty much everyone but Jack--that they need to go back?


* How the heck will they go back?

* Was Miles also born on the island? Some viewers have speculated he's the son of Dr. Marvin Candle (or whatever the heck his name is. We've seen that, indeed, Dr. Marv has a child).

* Is Daniel Charlotte's father? That's also been suspected. He seems to know about her history on the island and has demonstrated deep concern for her that doesn't seem romantic so much as paternal. We've seen earlier that Daniel has been on the island in the past. It's not clear if this was a flash forward, flashback or what. But maybe when he was back in time, he had a romance with a Dharma woman--Charlotte's mother. Maybe?

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